Would you like to learn more about western performance with an emphasis on becoming a better horseman at the same time?

Jesse teachingLearning is hard.

It involves exploring new ideas and creating new habits.

Finding a coach can also be a challenge.

You need someone who has a teaching style you understand, values you agree with, and achieves results you desire.


…if you want to show then that person needs to also understands how to coach, train and show.

Add to that list finding someone who will encourage you to learn all you can with the horse you currently have…and learn to maintain YOUR horse and YOURSELF with everything you’ve been taught…and now you face a real challenge.


What Jesse Offers.

Jesse has a wide range of experience in the horse industry, enjoys teaching and is a horseman first and foremost. What this means is that he will encourage you to grow and challenge yourself but not at the expense of your horse. Your horses’ physical well-being and mental understanding will largely impact your lessons and your long term success.

A true horseman understands that the key to success is the horse being an active participant in the learning process. During your lessons your goal may be to improve your score in the show pen….but don’t be surprised if you are asked to improve your groundwork or return to the fundamentals. Attempting to polish a maneuver for the show pen when there are problems in the foundation work is like adding another layer of paint to a house with cracks in the walls because of a crumbling foundation.

Private Lessons- $100 per hour


During private lessons with Jesse, you will receive one-on-one instruction. Jesse will provide you with a headset to wear during your lesson so that he can communicate with you clearly no matter where you are in the arena. The headset is a two-way system that allows both student and teacher to talk and listen at any distance. Riders find this especially helpful when working on maneuvers that involve speed where the student often must get a review from the instructor after the fact because they were unable to clearly hear the instructor doing the maneuver.

You may come with a specific goal in mind or you may come ride and let Jesse chart the course of the lesson. The better you can clearly identify your goals for your horse and yourself for the next several months the more targeted your lessons can become.

One hours lessons available Tuesday, Friday or Saturday. To see lesson times that are available please click here. This will open a calendar where you can see available times as well as schedule your own lesson.

If these hours don’t fit your schedule, or if you have additional questions, please call, text or email to discuss what would work best for you.

For more information text or call Jesse directly at 419-560-0380


Luke Freestyle“When I first contacted you, I was looking for a trainer to help me and Rio with our reining, who was competitive, but put the horses and their well being first. That is exactly what I found, but in the time that I have gotten to know you since then, you have become so much more than that to me. Life and horsemanship coach, mentor, role model, and a true friend. Your integrity, ethics, generosity, and willingness to always help and encourage are an inspiration to me, and I believe our industry needs more people like you in it. You and Stacy have been such a blessing to me, and have done more for me than I will probably ever be able to repay you for, so thank you seems inadequate, but I truly appreciate it. We owe so much of our success this year to you!”



Molly and Newt“I have ridden with Jesse for about 10 years. He is one of the kindest, most patient people that I know. His background of training, coaching and judging has provided a well rounded learning experience for me. He has not only helped me achieve success in the show pen, but he has also patiently walked me and my horses through the learning process together, helping us become a better team in and out of the show pen. I have a better understanding and appreciation for my horses and look forward to continuing this rewarding journey with Jesse’s help.” -Molly Wagner


Paxton and Jesse“Jesse gave our son an incredible foundation in his early years of his riding, and created a foundation that he has continued to use throughout his riding career and also helped take him to the winners circle. Jesse is a natural born teacher.”-Julie Chilcote


Mikelann-quote“I first met and rode with Jesse ~2005, and instantly appreciated his character, horsemanship, and ability to teach people.
Being a top-notch trainer, Jesse will quickly identify what is needed and will explain things in a way that’s easy to understand. He will teach you how the horse thinks, acts, moves…..so not only will you improve you and your horse’s performance, but you’ll understand WHY things work and be able to apply it to other areas. I HIGHLY recommend taking lessons from Jesse!!”-Mikelann McCarty




Can I receive coaching at a horse show?

Yes! If you have ridden with Jesse in a lesson you are eligible! Jesse is available to coach at the CORHA reining shows in Findlay, Ohio and possibly at other shows by request. Call for more information.

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