One of my pet peeves is when horses misbehave at feeding time. Striking the walls, pacing in the stall and other types of behavior are bad habits. It all starts with something small like pawing a little in anticipation of getting their grain. We might not even be paying attention when it starts but by the time they’re pinning their ears at you, you recognize there’s a problem. If bad behavior doesn’t get addressed soon enough it becomes a habit that’s harder to break. Having my own website is new to me. I’ve had blogs on our Westfall Horsemanship website for years but I wasn’t responsible for doing much more than writing them and then they magically appeared online! So the last 2 days I wrote my blogs and had some technical difficulties transferring them to my website. To say that I’m not savvy with technology is an understatement. My family and students at Asbury will confirm this! I found myself frustrated and expecting someone to take care of this situation for me. This had become my habit and I wasn’t proud of my thoughts or behavior. In my mind I was disappointing people, failing by not getting my blog up in the morning and this was a terrible situation to be in. All of a sudden an insecurity club hit me upside the head and I slowed down to think about it. I tried a few things and figured out the problem! I walked around with my chest stuck out a little further and realized that I might be a little more tech savvy than I thought! All of this helped me recognize the habit that I had gotten in to and I have to change it. What bad habits do you have that you don’t easily recognize? Habits are hard to change but changing ourselves for improvement is important after all we do create our habits and then our habits create us!

Proverbs 4:26 New International Version (NIV)

26 Give careful thought to the[a] paths for your feet
   and be steadfast in all your ways.

2 thoughts on “Habits

  1. Pat Grochowina

    Hi Jesse
    I am really enjoying you morning blogs every day. It is like my thoughts for the day. I can relate to today’s behaviour because my colt is very anxious at feeding time and I am not sure if what to do. He paws all the time that he is eating his grain. He is lot nasty but just very anxious. Any suggestions of what to do??

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    1. jessewestfall82747571

      Thanks Pat, I’m glad you’re enjoying my blogs. It’s going to take time but you’ll have to address his behavior as soon as you get in the barn. Use a stick and string or a whip and teach him to go to the back of the stall. Any time he starts to come to the front while you’re feeding go back over and make him go to the back of the stall. It might take a couple of days of being persistent but that’s the key.


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