Strength in your struggle

Many of us try to avoid difficulties in life. It makes sense to take the path of least resistance. The problem with that path or mindset is that it creates weakness. That path physically would be laying in bed as much as possible and we’ve all seen the shows where someone has to have a hole cut out of a house to remove a person that’s bed ridden. The only way we can get stronger in life is through resistance. Whether it’s physical like lifting weights or running, mental like studying for finals or emotional like figuring out the way your mind works, we need resistance in order to get stronger. In the same way that we need resistance to grow or get stronger our horses need it as well. God allows us to go through difficulties in life so that we can find, recognize or create our strength. So the next time you’re struggling and feeling that resistance embrace, be thankful for it and know that you’ll be stronger because of it.


Isaiah 40:29 He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

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