What is the difference between a horseman and a horse trainer?

22the-thing-that-i-see-that-separates-a-horseman-from-a-horse-trainer-is-that-the-horseman-allows-the-horse-to-keep-his-dignity-and-the-horse-still-likes-the-horseman-in-the-end-22-jeI’ve been around a lot of people that ride horses. I’ve been around people that ride reining horses, cow horses, natural horsemanship and a multitude of other disciplines. There are many people that can get a horse to do what they want. Some of them can train or teach a horse quickly and others slowly. Some use harsh methods and others use soft methods. The thing that I see that separates a horseman from a horse trainer is that the horseman allows the horse to keep his dignity and the horse still likes the horseman in the end.

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