Jesse Westfall grew up watching western shows with his grandpa and knew early on that he wanted to ride horses. His parents attempted to redirect this desire into showing dogs yet in a twist of destiny his 4H leaders owned horses and happened to have a horse that wasn’t being used. Jesse worked to ride and later worked by training one POA pony to become the owner of another. This was an indication of the dedication that Jesse had to owning and improving his horsemanship.

Over the years Jesse has accumulated a record to be proud of including multiple NRHA and AQHA year end awards, and being a two-time reserve champion at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Jesse serves as an NRHA judge and he has presided over shows in the US, Canada and Australia. He has a vast knowledge and interest in performance horses — especially reining — and he has spent years gleaning extensive knowledge from the many well known trainers for whom he has worked. Even now, though he is a talented trainer and seasoned horseman, Jesse never tires of riding with and learning from others. Jesse is passionate about his work. He has been acquiring his knowledge and expertise for most of his life.

He has a strong interest in bloodlines and breeding, and has put much time and effort into studying both. He has bred and helped manage customers breeding programs and is responsible for breeding horses that have won 11 All American Quarter horse Congress championships. He is constantly refining his skills and striving to be the best possible horseman that he can be. Jesse’s passion for horses is definitely a result of his passion for life. He serves as a constant inspiration to Stacy, and is a dedicated father and friend to their three young sons. He stands as a strong example to his family and to all those around him, unwavering in his beliefs and convictions.

Jesse offers lesson and coaching, please click here for more information.